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FOREX Special Training

A. Simple Ways to Profit from FOREX as a Novice.

Option 1:

Copytrade Application: This requires a very little effort from you. You are to register with a broker, connect your account with Metatrader4 Trading Platform and then subscribe for our Copytrade Application which will allow us to automatically open & close trades for you right from our server 24/5 (Mondays to Fridays). Your computer system must be available with internet connection throughout the period or you make use of Virtual Private Server (VPS) which will allow your MT4 to operate in the cloud without being affected by power or internet failure.


The Following are Required:

1. Computer PC/ Laptop

2. Registration & Funding ($500 Minimum) a Broker Account: You could choose from any of these: Broker1 or Broker2.

    - Watch Demo Video on Registration here.

    - Watch Demo Video on Verification here.

    - Watch Demo Video on Understanding Dashboard here.

3. If you need a Virtual Private Server, you can subscribe for the lower package with this company: Click here.

4. Download the Metatrader4 through the broker you registered with, find the link on the broker's website.

    - Watch Demo Video on Metatrader4 here.

5. Install the MT4 on your PC or in the VPS through your PC system. You shall be guided on how to go about the VPS by the VPS provider.

6. Click here to subscribe to our Copytrade App or use this link: 

    - Watch Demo Video on Copytrade Installation here.

7. All you need to do again is to be checking the Application every morning, possibly be rebooting the App daily for perfect production.

NOTE: It is advisable not to open trade manually from your end while connected to the app to avoid over drawdown which could blow off account when there is no enough capital for recovery. You get more support opportunity when you use our link to register real account with any of our brokers.


Option 2:

Acct Management 1: This requires no effort from you. You are only to register with us for Forex Trading Account Management whereby we add your trading fund capital to our broker's account management platform and we provide you with the Investor's login details to the Metatrader4 that will allow you to watch the progress of our trades. At the end of each month, we share the profits 50/50. Minimum deposit amount in this option is $100/#50,000. The contract shall be revisited/renewed after 2 years. If interested, kindly fill the contact form below & state your request, you shall be required to fill an enrolment application/agreement form and you will be assigned an account manager to proceed.

Acct Management 2: This is for those already having account with a broker and will like us to trade the account on the Metatrader4 for them. Any genuine broker will be acceptable but the account must be on Metatrader4 and only logins to the Metatrader4 will be required for access. Initial registration for this will cost $200 and Monthly renewal shall be $150 plus 15% of profit generated monthly. Note that the trading capital on such account must be up to $500 and above. If interested, kindly fill the contact form below & state your request clearly, you shall be required to fill an enrolment application/agreement form and you will be assigned an account manager to proceed.

Option 3:

Referral Program: This requires you to share/invite people to this opportunity & we share you between 2% to 2.5% of the profit made through your Referrers into the Account Management (Option 2 above) monthly for 6 months. 

Do the Following in order to take part in the Referral Program:

1. Watch the above video on YouTube, Subscribe, Like, Share & Comment on the chat area in order to make your bonus complete. NOTE, this is not mandatory.

2. Fill the Contact Form bellow Requesting to take part in the Account Management Referral Program. Indicate if you have completed number 1 above in your message & include your Gmail username for confirmation.

3. Take note of the Email you summited in number 2 above and always remember to give it to your referrers as that will serve as your identity in this program.

4. After your request has been approved, you shall receive a feedback email containing a form to fill and stating further procedure on how you shall be getting your bonuses, also providing you the contact of your Account Manager.

B. Free FOREX Elementary for Beginners.

FOREX Elementary Training is a Free Program at our Vocational Training division in other to help a very large number of people out of poverty. The Training is into 3 Sections on the Telegram. You can download Telegram App here for PC or here for Mobile if you don't have it yet. After download, Install it and then click to join our Channel before you now follow the bellow links to access the training sections:


1st Training Section Link: Click here

2nd Training Section Link: Click here

3rd Training Section Link: Click here

At the Completion of the above 3 Free Elementary Training Sections, you can request to be added to the Advanced Training Class. If Interested, kindly fill the contact form below with your request or the person in charge for the Cost & Payment Methods. +2348065260636


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Risk Warning: 

Forex Trading involves significant High level of risk and can result in the loss of part or all of the invested capital.

We recommend you practice or test on demo account before going into live account & at your own risk.

We shall not be responsible for any loss what so ever as regard Forex Trading.