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What you stand to benefit as our Sponsor/ Representative in your LGA:

1. 20% of Registration Fees of #2,500 from each Candidates from your Center.

2. 20% of Training Fees of #5,000 from each additional Courses by Candidates from your Center.

3. 5% of Cost of Importation/ Exportation Services rendered to people through your Center.

4. 5% Referral Bonuses from each Deposits by new Partners from your side into CSLinks Partnership Program.

The more our Publicity on Radio & TV Stations, the more you get Candidates/ Patronage. We shall also provide you some publicity materials & you may also do more.

If you are Interested, you must have the following:

1. You must have Internet Connected Phone for WhatsApp & to Register Candidates on our website.

2. You must have a good located place that can accommodate at least 8-10 Candidates at a time.

3. You must have a Flat Screen TV set of at list 32" inches with HDMI connection & means of Power Supply.

4. We are to provide the Gadgets for connection but you will be charged for maintenance.

You shall be added into the Sponsors' group for further Information & Training as we approve you.

If you are Interested & you have all the Requirements, Pls contact me for the next step to take at: wa.me/2348033488384